What to do if you have free time, vacation or a long weekend?

My favorite activity is sea fishing, and Ireland is simply created for it 🙂  It is impossible to count how many beautiful beaches and cliffs there are.  The best part is, the spinning method that I use requires moving all the time, so it’s not the typical fishing when you sit for hours looking on the water.

Other great forms of leisure activities would be watching movies, listening to music or to going to a pub.  Like everyone I understand that work is very important, but if you can not organize and plan your free time, it can be disastrous for you.

Fatigue may be your biggest enemy, and unfortunately energy drinks or coffee, will not help to regain strength.


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How to learn effectively?

There is probably no specific answer to this question, some prefer to learn alone, others listening to music or watching tv.

To make learning effective you need to know yourself, and know how is your technique.  In my opinion the most important is time management.  To focus on a particular topic, you need total concentration, no breaks every five minutes, no Facebook, no friends 🙁

Prepare food before you start, and switch your smartphone in Airplane mode.

For me the best technique is to read the material multiple times, memorizing the key words and making notes.

But the best thing is if you can study with someone else, colleague, girlfriend or boyfriend, then you can ask each other, and learning becomes more enjoyable 🙂

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Part 1

Higher Diploma or Job/Life Experience?

Level 8? Maybe Level 7 would be enough to get a good job?

Of course, both are extremely important.  However, if you have some experience in work and graduated from college level 7 with a Bachelor in Science Degree in the hand, and I if you are a mature student, undoubtedly you have to pay bills, rent etc., your only one dream is to start work.

Precisely now, I find myself in such a situation :/

Yes, I know, learning is important, but we all know very well, that Practice makes the master 🙂  The next ten months in college will not make me a better programmer, just a full-time job.  I’m learning fifth year now, before a started the college, I graduated few courses.  I know more than the basics, I know what’s going on, and all I need is to go to the job, and gain more, and more experience.

I think, or actually I hope the potential employer/s will take this into account. 



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Part 1

So now I am currently doing my internship as a part of my third (maybe the last) year of study.  Everything is great, new work, new contacts, new challenges.

I just wonder whether six months is enough to gain a minimum of experience, to enter into the structure of the company, and to learn the rules of work as Web and Software Developer.

Ok, someone can say “What are you talking about?” 🙂 Three years in college plus six months of practice should be enough.

The problem is that the more I learn in college and at work, the more I realize how little I know :/

Part 2 – No one should work for free

simple rule

When you hear on an interview “We do not pay for the internship, but you get a great experience here”… you probably do not know if it’s a stupid joke, you have to leave, or to laugh :-/

I think most people would do it with pleasure, if not for the fact that it is hard to get a good job, and the HR Managers, directors etc.  use it to get free labor.

I have succeeded, I have a great internship, every day I learn something new, I feel that I am involved in the development of the company, I develop my skills as a Web and Software developer, and at the same time I make money and thanks to that I can pay the bills.


Dear Students!

Please remember that there is always somewhere in the vicinity another company where you can do an internship for money, while gaining great experience.





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I had an interview in February 2017, in software Engineering company in Limerick, and I think I made a good impression.

Unfortunately, I cannot give the name of this company, although I would love to do it.

The recruiters were very nice, they smiled, I was told that I “will” be the first one intern in company, and they actually let me know that I have this job.  They also told me that it would be possible to work permanently, after internship.  Seriously.

Ok, I thought, that’s it finally !

One week has passed, and no answer.  No problem, new company, lots of candidates, lots of interviews, I’ll wait, it’s worth it…

At that time, I was offered an internship at another company I am currently working with.

Remote, paid work, as a web and software developer.

However, it is known that work in the office, in the team is a great experience for the student, so I asked my current boss to extend the offer for another few weeks because I have the opportunity to work in a large company, in the office, with people…etc.

After almost three weeks without an answer, I decided to write an email to them – of course, unanswered.

In next few days, I sent another email, and this time I’ve been told, that

“recruiters are very busy, and they will contact me soon…”

 Unfortunately nobody, never contacted me.

In the sixth week, after the interview, I went to this wonderful company, at the reception, asked for a meeting with HR Manager, told him what was going on, and same day evening I received an e-mail in which I was told, that they received many applications for this position… and unfortunately they have decided not to progress with your application.. you know it.

No “sorry for the late reply” or even “We do not care about people and we do not have time to write emails”

Ok, I understand-no problem, they have many candidates but six weeks…that is overstatement.

Probably they could tell me that after two, maybe three weeks.  They wasted my time and money 🙁

I think in fact, there is no specific time as long you should wait to get in touch after job interview, it all depends on who you are dealing with, and what kind of people they are.

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Part 1 -Advantages

No need to drive to the office 🙂

For me, the biggest advantage of remote work is the saving of time and money associated with commuting. Increasing costs of fuel make it a great deal for people like me.  Thanks to working at home they can save some money, and spend them on something else, like a holiday or a crazy weekend in town.

Free time management

Eight-hour sitting at the desk in office does not suit everyone.  People do their jobs less effectively, they lose time on conversations, or focus too much on their appearance. Remote work allows me to plan my job freely. I can do my work sitting in a garden with a laptop 🙂  Hooray !

No other people beside me

This is actually an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

In the office always someone talks on the phone for hours, someone is too loudly strikes the keyboard, it is difficult to focus on work.

But for that, when I have a problem with the code or installation of some program, I have to solve it myself, however as a trainee, I often ask for advice and assistance  my boss or other crew members who also like me working remotely.

Remote work this is also no direct supervision.  Contact with my boss is mainly telephone calls, emails, Skype, and business lunch from time to time. For me this is a huge plus for remote work.

The disadvantages of remote working


Time management can be difficult for someone who has a problem with lack of direct supervision, who cannot focus on the tasks.  I personally think it’s a great job for me, I learned a lot from working at home as so far, because I spend a lot of time looking for solutions to my work problems.



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Totally new to me.  At this point I cannot say much about it because I was stuck on phpMyAdmin installation.  I spent many hours over several days trying to install and understand it.  Pretty complicated process, many commands incomprehensible for a beginner, and even more so for someone who does not speak fluent English.

So my first impression there is a lot of learning during the installation, lots of new stuff, and commands sometimes a little incomprehensible.


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Hmmm… “git” in polish language means (among others)“cool, great”  But it’s not like that…I know that Git somehow works, there are some commands, I can push commit to pull request, create new branches, etc.,  great stuff.  But maybe I will be able to tell more about it later

So seriously, I think it’s a great program, very elaborate, a bit complicated and difficult to use for the beginner.  Maybe I’ll talk more about it later…

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This is my first job as a web developer, and the first of its kind-in a remote team.  I’m excited and scared at the same time because it is a great work, and the challenge for me, working alone, in my room, no one is looking at me, I don’t have to dress up in stiff shirts, but the job must be done.

Every problem, I have to mostly solve myself, although I have to say that the team at Bite Size Irish Gaelic is just great, and I always can count on them.

On the other hand, I know that it is a great practice and experience to learn to be independent in problem solving.

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